bandmembers 2003 - now

Henk Hofstede guitars, vocals

Rob Kloet drums

Robert Jan Stips  keyboards

6. La Petite Robe Noire

7. Now

8. Index of First Lines

9. Tannenbaum

10. Jisp

11. Bad Dream

12. Return



Robert Jan Stips releases his soloproject ROND, recorded in a single afternoon with Stips on piano and vocals. The cd holds songs from his long musical career, among which Nits songs Memories Are New III, The House en The River.

The Doing the Dishes tour gets a final during the Oerol festival at the isle of Terschelling. What remains of the lightshow is sold on the spot and the money is donated to charity.

Each day at the same festival Rob Kloet does a improvised drums concerts at a secret location for an audience of four people. 

Aftyer the summer the next studio album is released, the melancholic sounding Strawberry Wood. The tour with the same name starts in the Netherlands and is continued in october and november with shows in Switzerland, Finland, Germany, France and Belgium. Although there is plenty recognition for the band’s creative work, it turns out to become more and more difficult for an older band to get exposure on radio or tv.

Another release is the Soap Bubble Box, a budget box containing the 10 most popular Nits cds.


1 track promo cd