bandmembers 1981 - 1984

Henk Hofstede guitars, keyboards , vocals

Rob Kloet drums

Michiel Peters guitars, vocals

Robert Jan Stips  keyboards

tracklist OMSK

1. A Touch of Henry Moore

2. Unpleasant Surprise

3. Vermillion Pencil

4. Springtime Coming Soon

5. Tons of Ink

6. Jardin d'Hiver

7. Nescio

8. Walls Have Ears

9. Spirits Awake

10. Walter and Conny

11. The Cold Eye

12. Shadow of a Doubt

13. Indoor Painting (Outdoor Sketching)

14. Clean Shirt in Paris

15. Man of Straw

track 13,14,15 not on lp, cd only


Stips introduces a lot of new synthesized sounds, and the record OMSK, released in march, has a much fuller sound. With NESCIO the Nits land their first Top 10 hit and they get their first 'Edison'award for the album. Growing confident through this success, the Nits release a successor in november, the mini-album KILO, that delivers again a

hit with SKETCHES OF SPAIN. The group faces their first appearance on the Danish Roskilde festival.

single : the vermillion pencil / clean shirt in paris


promo 7" england

single : nescio / man of straw

single : Bild an Sonntag / Nickel & Wood

for Swiss tv / 1983

for OMSK, the band started to use all sorts of acoustic instruments. Here’s Henk playing the dulcimer.

String ensemble (from the Residentie Orkest, the Hague) for Omsk

single : sketches of spain /

 bild am Sonntag (vocal)


publicity card

Nits see something interesting on the right

the Edison is a major musical prize in the Netherlands. 

we have four of them.

this is Henk with the first one, for OMSK

KILO tracklist

1 Sketches of Spain

2 Bild am Sonntag (As Usual)

3 Acres of Tintoretto

4 Dapper Street

5 Memories are New III

6 Your Next Tyres

Robert Jan and Rob giving autographs, while Aad is in a business meeting

backstage at de Koepelkerk in Purmerend.

photo Bert Molkenboer