'It will never be the way it was'

An interview with Henk about the  fire in our studio, about the disease that struck him and how it affects his life and the band’s music and future. 

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Dutch band (The) Nits looks back on an extraordinary career of fifty years, in which the band has published an enormous amount of very different albums, has played countless concerts all around the globe and has participated in many side ventures. A band that chose its own path and that continues to evolve in unexpected ways. Starting out as a power pop band with songs in the vein of the Beatles, the Kinks or the the Hollies, they evolved into an outfit with an own sound, a mixture of pure pop with classical and neo classical, jazz and folk elements. Then came the hits, like "Nescio" or "In the Dutch mountains", but the Nits kept on exploring their sonic possibilities, thereby expanding the envelope of pop music. A curious band, in all senses of the word. 

"Dial Nits" features core members Henk Hofstede, Rob Kloet and Robert Jan Stips in conversation, but also collaborators, friends and family from many different countries talking about the music and about the background stories to this unusual career of musicians from the Netherlands. 

A podcast by Eric Facon

Production: Darren Hayne.

You can find the podcast on your favourite podcast app (Spotify, Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, Deezer) or have new episodes automatically delivered  to your devices.

·A new episode, a different phase in the career of the Nits: "Jardin d'Hiver". The theme: "Omsk", "Kilo" and a band that finds an own sound.

The next episode is called "Mondriaan Pop" and deals with the albums Tent, New Flat and Work. Available now

A fairytale that became reality: how four young guys start by forming a band, writing and recording songs, playing birthday parties. And then they record some singles and a first album. Episode 2 of Dial Nits

Hooray! Episode one of the podcast is available now! "Unfinished Houses" features a conversation with the Nits about houses and the time that is passing. An introduction into their world and to a whole series of episodes about their long career.